You Made a Deal with the Devil

You made a deal with the devil!

It boggles my mind in Spring when I hear the words, “It’s too hot outside,” particularly when they fall out of my own mouth, since I’ve just spent six months railing against the injustice of winter.

Other favorite complaints include: “OMG, the wi-fi is so slow, (despite being free at the coffee shop),” “Can’t he ever put the seat down? (on the toilet),” “She’s so clingy (a loved one),” “I hate Mondays,” “Everything I wrote yesterday was crap,” “Am I the only one who knows how to change the toilet paper roll?” and my personal favorite, “Geez, I hate people who complain all the time.”

Whenever I catch myself spiraling into the Pit of Whinging, it usually means I’ve lost my focus and perspective. It’s a signal that I should get up off the couch and actually DO something—either to distract myself in a productive way, or even better… to cure the thing I’ve been complaining about.

No doubt you’ve heard of “Gratitude practices” (if not, you can find out more HERE), but today I’d like to encourage a little Attitude practice, because the thing that’s standing in your way may not be the obstacle in front of you…

Most of the time, it’s the voice in your head…

…the one that’s telling you, “You’re not good enough,” “You don’t deserve this,” and “You’re never going to succeed so you shouldn’t waste your time.”
It’s so much easier to go on believing that who we are and what we’re capable of will never matter. This lets us off the hook. Why should we bother to put in the worry and the work if we’re destined to fail?

This is a defeatist Attitude and one that will never serve you.

Instead, I’m here to remind you that YOU MATTER. Your life, your experience, your stories, your energy, your time, and your love all have immense value.

What doesn’t matter is “success” or “failure.”

Those are just words other people apply nonchalantly in retrospect, and always from a safe distance.

But I also understand that mere words aren’t enough to change the record on the turntable. Because this is a song that’s been playing in your head for years and it’s more invasive than the theme from “Gilligan’s Island.”

In this case, you’ve simply got to change the channel you’re listening to. You wouldn’t play funeral dirges at someone else’s wedding, would you?
But that’s also part of the issue… because while we recognize the futility of other people beating themselves up about pointless imperfections, we are woefully slow to stop banging our own heads against the bricks.

Today, it’s time for you to find a new “DJ.”

And it’s time to recognize just how awesome your life is, and how awesome YOU are!

PS. If writing and publishing your book feels as unlikely as Gilligan ever getting off that damn island, I’d be honored to become your new DJ and help you set up a “playlist” that better supports your writing goals! Just click “REPLY” and we can get started right away.

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