It’s Time You Woke Up

It’s time you WOKE UP!

I’m always the first to encourage you to believe in yourself and to DREAM BIG… but here’s the problem:

The dream stage is just Step One.

You have to actually take action to bring those big dreams to life.

Ever since I saw an ad for Scrapbox’s “Workbox 3.0,” I have this fantastic image in my head of a perfectly organized craft room. Every skein of yarn, spool of thread, bottle of paint, fabric quarter, sheet of paper, all 400 gel pens and my rainbow palette of Post-It Notes could have their own storage space… and become a gigantic tribute to inspiration.


Unfortunately, that would mean not only saving up the rest of the year to buy the custom-made furniture, waiting 4 more months for the backorder to arrive, convincing my child to carry the heavy flat-pack crates up to the second-floor bedroom, bribing said offspring to help me assemble it, and then filling it with colorful goodies…

But I would also have to face the burden of preparation… cleaning out the second-floor bedroom so there would even be space to hold this gorgeous monstrosity… consolidating all the craft supplies from various quadrants of the house including the deep recesses of the basement… and then plotting out how to best utilize all those drawers and bins and cubbies.

I hear what you’re saying: “First world problems, Demi.”

So the dream lingers on in my brain, teasing me, nagging me, even distracting me from the projects I’ve chosen to give priority over this one.

My question for you today is:

What dreams have you put on hold?

Maybe it’s time for you to stop dreaming and instead WAKE UP… so you can take action!

I guarantee there is at least one step toward your dream that you could accomplish today. Maybe it’s cleaning out the junk drawer in your kitchen. Maybe it’s finding the right gloves to weed the garden. Or maybe it’s locating that book draft you started back in the ’90s.

Whatever your ONE step is to get things launched, I beg you to stop dreaming about it and instead just dive in. You don’t have to see the whole staircase… just take the first step!

With love and respect,

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