Would You Rather Have a Grand Opening or a Grand Finish?

Two weeks ago, bestselling author and dot-com wizard Seth Godin started a podcast—Akimbo. Because he’s spent decades building a raving tribe, it went straight to the top of the iTunes chart as a result of one short email to his list.

Can you do that?

According to Seth’s first episode, “The Grand Opening,” he ran for 6th grade president of the Safety Club… and lost. Then in 9th grade, 10th grade, and 11th grade, he ran for Student Body President… and lost. Senior year he had the best posters of any Student Body Presidential candidate… and lost.

Most of us would wonder why he kept running…

But we’d be asking the wrong question.

Instead we should wonder what you and I could have accomplished if we’d just kept showing up.

If we even had the courage to show up the first time.

A little while back I created my first online writing class—to help children’s picture book writers learn how to take their ideas all the way to published. It scared me to death, but I did it anyway… and my tribe supported me as the very first students.

When sales didn’t rush off the charts of course I was disappointed. I thought about taking it down. I thought about giving up.

Instead of doing either one of those things, I found a more typical Demi-style response… I ignored it.

But then this miraculous thing happened. I kept on doing the work that earned me respect from those very first students—my early adopters. Time passed. And the online course sold one or two more seats. And earned good reviews. More time. A couple more students. More good reviews.

And yesterday the 498th student joined.

So today I’m here to encourage you to play the long game with your big goals. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself from running away scared. Even if it means begging your friends multiple times to write a review of your book. Even if it means showing up at their house and sitting with them behind the computer to show them where to click to leave that review.

Sometimes it means ignoring Book 1’s success or lack thereof, and staying focused on the next projects in your queue.

But don’t be afraid of tiny steps, because those are the ones that mean you aren’t standing still.

Would you rather have a Grand Opening, or a grand finish?

Cheers to your success,

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