You Need This Combination

In Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, he says the key to achieving our success is like a combination lock. Not only do we need to know all the right “numbers” – actions that will move us from where we are to where we want to go – but we need to execute them in the correct order.

In writing, this happens when we spend too much time plotting out our perfect book, but never writing a page. Or when we write and rewrite early chapters, without ever finishing the first draft. Or when we tackle editing like it were proofreading, correcting words and phrases that should never make it to the final cut.

Which digit of your story’s combination lock are you fiddling with? Are you sure you have all the previous numbers in the right places?

Write (and plot and edit and publish) with joy!

Cheers, Demi
P.S. If you need help fine tuning your writer’s combination lock, I’d love to help! Email me to find out how. (Only one spot left for editing this quarter.)

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