Define Success

Can success bring you happiness?

How many times have you heard the phrase: “I just want my husband/wife/kids to be happy”?

According to Tribe author Sebastian Junger, the elusive pursuit is made more difficult because on the whole, you and I are living lives of affluence. Happiness guru Shawn Achor agrees and points to the almost negligible levels of depression in impoverished communities where citizens have to band together to help each other through the darkest of situations like famine, natural disaster, and war.

Now we certainly aren’t going to trade in our white picket fence, our car, or our 1.2 kids to live in a hovel in Nigeria. But how can we create a stronger sense of community without someone flying airplanes into our towers, or being flooded by hurricanes?

We may be more connected than ever – via social media and technology – but the loneliness and disconnection we feel in our independent struggles is something we can change!

More than 5 years ago, one little librarian launched a hair-brained idea to coax writers to author a book in a year. And not only did it create 35 new books, but it cemented friendships that remain strong today.

In our shared striving… actively pursuing our dreams… a group of us found kinship and support that made the journey incredibly fulfilling. Writing can be such a lonely task, and the mental, physical, and emotional obstacles are universal. But hurdles shared are easier to overcome.

I encourage you to find a way TODAY to make a connection that will bring you into community with others. Maybe it’s joining an existing group of some sort… or just maybe it means summing up the courage to invite someone else along on your path.

Time to find a tribe that brings you long-term joy!

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