The Power of TODAY

I had the glorious pleasure of spending a few days in Orlando, FL, at my friend Kim Walsh Phillips’ event: Game Changer Marketing Summit. She spoiled us all with a visit from the Head Mouse, along with an opening reception including not just hors d’oeuvres and drinks, but a caricature artist and… wait for it… fire twirlers!


But the really meaningful part of the event was a challenge to envision our ideal life 10 years from today. So I ask you to imagine the exact “smells and bells” of where you’d like to be in a decade. What does your “new normal” look like? Who is with you? How do you spend your time together? How do you spend your time alone? How does money flow to you? Where do you live? And what new ideals will you be striving toward at that point?


This is not the end of the exercise, but rather the beginning. Next you need to decide what actions need to have taken place in 5 years’ time to get you to your 10-year goal. What HAS to be accomplished by the end of THIS year in order for that 5-year goal to be achieved? Then within the next 90 days, what must you absolutely finish in order to stay on track? How about 30 days? How about this week??


And finally… what ONE THING can you enact TODAY that will help you make your goal for the week… that makes your 30-day goal possible… that enables your 90-day goal… that fulfills your 1-year needs… that propels your toward your 5-year and 10-year achievements???


For me, I find it difficult to forecast 10 years out. I’m still adapting to the concept of outliving my parents’ longevity, since they both died at age 60. I’m only now coming to terms with thoughts of “What will age 67 look like for me?” and “How about 83?”


But I find 1-year goals to be absolutely HUGE in helping me move the markers of my personal satisfaction. You may remember I shared an end-of-year list of “wanna do’s” and was pleased to have been able to cross off the vast majority, and then slide any that remained into next year’s list.


I ask you, my friend… what’s on your Wanna Do list this year? Grab a sheet of paper and a favorite pen… because you see, while only 16% of Americans claim to set goals, only the merest 1% of them actually WRITE THEM DOWN. And can you guess which set of folks are the ones who MEET those goals?


For me, I use colorful flashcards on an easy-open ring like these and then review them each weekend to see what I’ve already accomplished. It’s super fun to be able to declare victory over goals – but it’s important to phrase our goals in measurable ways (and often, to break them down into manageable parts, so we stop putting them off!).


Whether you opt for Kim’s 10-year visioning process, or a 1-year Top 100 list like mine, I’d love to see what’s on your dream list… so email me the results of your deep-dive, and I’ll reply with the contents of mine so we can cheer each other on this year!


Are you game? What can YOU do TODAY to move yourself closer to achieving your goals??

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