I Don’t Want You to Have a Good Morning

“I don’t want you to have a good morning… I want you to have a morning that MATTERS!” says Shirley MacLaine’s character in The Last Word.

While my husband is off on an adventure, I’ve stolen an evening to indulge in chick flicks. It’s only fair because when I’m away, he watches zombies and horror movies.

But this morning we need to get down to business! What did you put on your goal list that hasn’t moved forward toward the finish line this week?

For me it’s walking. Not one mile has crossed the sole of those new tennis shoes this week. Something about 20-degrees and wind chill… but wait! In the same way I preach that YOU have to be stronger than your excuses, so do I. So I’m headed to dust off the treadmill and listen to enough podcasts to distract me for a couple fake miles.

What can you do TODAY?

Are you afraid to take the next step because you might do something “wrong”?

I’ve faced this fear a lot. Like for each of the videos I’ve filmed – courses and author interviews and Facebook Lives – there was no magic pill to guarantee things would turn out “right.” But there is a guarantee that if you take a step today, then things will “turn out.”

As Shirley MacLaine’s character also says, “The only way to do something great is to risk doing something stupid.”

So my dominant and heartfelt wish for you today is that you step up and dare to risk. Hold a vision of yourself in which “great” is good enough… without striving for the illusive perfection.

If writing is your soul’s passion, pull out your journal and favorite pen (because all the cool kids seem to be going analog these days) and get some words down. Know that it’s enough. Know that YOU are enough. Know that all your 1st Draft thoughts are just your mind holding auditions for the finished draft.

Write with JOY!
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