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Summer is my favorite season, but it’s often so busy I miss having the time and space to get “bored.” You see, for me, the most creative sparks fly when there’s quiet all around… when everything is crossed off the to-do list and I don’t feel guilty for ignoring anyone else’s needs.

But since moments like that occur, well… never (at least not in the last three years)… I’ve had to find other ways to respond to the call of the creative wild.

My favorite inspiration is to look for great writing teachers and those in the publishing trenches, and the team at have done just that.

They have a podcast led by James Blatch, a former BBC interviewer with a handsome accent, and Mark Dawson, a lawyer turned best-selling author who has made his 7-figure mark as a self-published author utilizing Facebook and now Amazon ads and Messenger Bots to build a huge mailing list of raving fans.

I encourage you to check out their Resources page and click on the “Download All Books” link to get free access to guides on:

Mastering Simple Facebook Ads
Learn Amazon Ads
Writing a Page Turner
How to Work with an Editor
Writer’s Yellow Pages
Ten Tips for Topping the Romance Charts
The Vault (searchable transcripts of the first 50 episodes of the podcast)
If at least one of those doesn’t get your creative juices flowing… then you might be dead. In that case, I suggest running away for a bit of vacation like I’m presently doing in the Caribbean, where I intend to drink pina coladas for 8 days and not get caught in the rain.

Write with joy!

Cheers, Demi

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