10 Lessons from 5 Years in the Writing Biz

1.    Finishing the first draft is more important than making Chapter 1 “right.”
2.    “Proofreading” is not the same thing as editing.
3.    A great cover is worth at least 100,000 words.
4.    Writing is not “the hard part.” (Selling is.)
5.    The fastest way to write something amazing is to write lots of things.
6.    Other writers make for the best of friends.
7.    Staring at the blank page is just an excuse called procrastination.
8.    Stir the pot. Good writing is raw and vulnerable.
9.    Only writing will make you a better writer. ~Joanna Penn
10.  Safe never starts. Perfect never finishes. ~Holly Lisle
It’s time you got started writing… and even more so… it’s time you got published!

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