Keep Showing Up

Yesterday I woke up knowing my life would be different. I was headed to a writer’s conference I’d organized with the help of a great friend, Don Helin, and stocked with a number of terrific instructors including Heather Heyford, Maria Snyder, Laura Rudacille, Catherine Jordan, Michelle Mioff-Haring, Harvey Freedenberg, Kim Briggs, and myself. The attendees were arriving from 3 states, and ON FIRE to take their writing and marketing game to new levels.

It seems we writers are an addicted lot… always looking for our next word fix.

I left the event more inspired than ever to carve out writing time and to hone my craft. But I also found myself committed at a new level to share the author/brand marketing knowledge that I’ve gained over the last 5 years, since attendee after attendee said, “No one else is teaching this.”

In point of fact, there are now other authors teaching book marketing and author brand-building (I should know because I’ve bought them all). My favorite is Mark Dawson’s “Ads for Authors” course, which is re-opening for sales in about 10 days. It’s an incredible follow-up to his “Self-Publishing Formula” course… which is a college-level education in how to launch your books on one or more platforms (Amazon, B&N, Google, iStore, Kobo).

In much the same way that I heard your plea in 2012 for help with writing and publishing your books (up close and personal), I also hear your need for help selling the darn things. So if Mark Dawson’s offerings don’t resonate with you, I’ll be putting together some courses soon that will get you started… and get you over any tech hurdles that might be holding you back.

I encourage you to keep dreaming big dreams and point your compass in the direction you want to go. I’ll be right beside you on the journey, cheering you on when you need it, and in more ways than before, shining a light on the path ahead.

But remember… if this writing thing is your dream, then you’ve got to keep showing up. No sherpa is powerful enough to get you to the top of the mountain if you aren’t willing to show up to the climb!

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.” ~Marie Forleo

It’s time for you to write with joy!

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