You’re Meant to Have a BIG Life

Yesterday I witnessed something remarkable.

A legion of authors assembled, and stepped out of their comfort zones. As all who’ve ever wielded a pen can attest, writing a book is scary enough on its own. But so is trying to coax someone else to want to read it.

Despite all the bolstering we give our egos, most of the time we writers sit around believing that everything we’ve ever written is crap and no one’s really going to want to read it anyway.

So we’re stuck in this dark region –desiring our words to be read and praised (or at least acknowledged as good), but terrified of instead having our words read and condemned.

Is it better to be a well-known mediocre writer, or to be legendary in obscurity?

Obviously neither.

But first we have to connect with readers. And not only do we have to make them want to read our books, but they need to want it so badly they’ll part with their cash to get it.

And connect, these authors did! This was an awesome day filled with genuine conversations, not just about books, but about shared interests, common connections, and real life.

When you can separate “sales” from “selling” the act becomes more authentic. We’re simply sharing a solution our new reader friends need in order to solve their problem. Maybe they want some great new recipes, or to learn history or how to build something, or possibly just a distraction from all the stuff that stresses them out.
But to make a connection… we have to be courageous. We have to risk putting ourselves out there.
That doesn’t mean we are fearless. In fact we’re scared as hell. It’s just that we do it anyway.

So today I congratulate the 115 amazing colleagues who made York Book Expo our best festival ever, on a job well done. You have shown us all what’s possible when we follow our dreams, and when we follow-up with perseverance, sheer stubborn will, and a healthy dose of courage.

It’s a big life…

Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once.
—William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act 2, Scene 2

What will you try this week that challenges your comfort zone? It’s time to GET INSPIRED, friend!

Cheers, Demi


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