Living Someone Else’s Life

Here’s me… testing out the #WorkFromAnywhere lifestyle that I dream for you.
I’ve been incredibly blessed with travel opportunities this past year… from frigid yet glorious Iceland to the pastoral countryside of
Holland, to a quiet getaway in Deep Creek Lake, MD, and now off on a week-long cruise in the Mediterranean. There was a lovely
work vibe on the patio outside our Italian hotel… but honestly, a little espresso and a limoncello would have been more suited.
Our driver Claudio then loaded up all the luggage and transported us from mainland Mestre to the San Basilio port of Venice.​​​​​​​
With the wind in our hair, the boat cruised away from the City of Light, southward to Ravenna where the following
day others would journey inland to Bologna while I lay editing on a sun-filled (and blissfully almost empty) deck.
Then we crossed the Adriatic to several coastal ports in Croatia, a country that is growing as a popular
tourist destination now that the wars of previous decades drift from memory. So much about the area re-
minds me of Greece in the 1980s except I’ve never once seen a blueberry-raspberry smoothie on a menu there.
 Todd enjoyed a glass of wine with the ship’s captain one evening
and looked stunningly handsome in his Prince Charlie jacket.
Perhaps my favorite port was Zadar, where we sat right on top the largest and
most exotic musical instrument I’ve seen all year (and that’s saying something).


Waves and wind flow through the pipes of this amazing Sea Organ to create an ever changing melody. Someone more
artistic than me has captured it below, so you can share in the moment. At the time, I did not realize the connection of the
nearby sidewalk solar array to the organ itself, but we enjoyed the lightshow that night as the boat pulled away from port.


While I did not accomplish all the work goals I “packed” along, I can say that I brought the writing of five U.S. authors to the Mediterranean,
and the memories of the Adriatic accompany me now at my favorite office… the sofa and coffee table in my own living room.
What will inspire you this week?
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