Are You a Troubadour or a Bard?

One of my favorite YA books features a boy with amazing musical gifts. When he sings and plays his harp, the medieval audience falls into a trance-like rapture.
Then later in the series, he notices how a traveling musician breezes through town to sing the latest news. The crowd enjoys themselves and heartily joins in with his bawdy encore.
The boy couldn’t help but wonder why they visibly appreciated this troubador’s imperfect performance more than his own skillful entertainment. Wasn’t it obvious that it was a lesser quality?
As you set about your goal of writing the book you’ve always dreamed of, my message to you today is that it doesn’t matter whether your work will win the Man Booker prize for literature. Some of the most popular books are merely “entertaining.”
You don’t have to be Atlas with the prosaic weight of the world on your literary shoulders. It could be enough to compile a family cookbook.
Writing should make you happy!
If you want to write a novel that will make us swoon on every page, I wholly support you. Those are the books that come along once or twice a year and make the Oprah circuit.
But it may be enough just to journal your way to inner clarity, to preserve family memories, or to write for the commercial market. (If you’ve been plagued by the news lately, heaven knows we could use a good laugh about now.)
So today I encourage you to stop putting so much pressure on your writing. Just let it flow. Write a thousand words for fun! I guarantee you some of them will be amazing. And that will make it all worthwhile.
It’s time for you to write with joy!
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