When Disaster Strikes

Imagine you woke up this morning to find that your computer wouldn’t turn on. How would you react? Obviously there’d be some NSFW (not safe for work) phrases uttered … but how prepared are you to deal with the fallout?


Luckily when this happened to me last Sunday, my files were still accessible, including a recent back-up copy. But my work schedule hadn’t counted on needing time to acquire a new laptop and get all the files and software re-installed. Thanks to my awesome hubby, it was as painless as possible.


That was not the case for me three years ago when my laptop was stolen out of my car. Everything… gone… with no recourse. And only a few files available from a really old back-up. This set my work back a full month in 2014.


So of course, I learned my lesson.


How about you?



If you’ve been waiting for “just the right time” to make a copy of your book files (not to mention all those cute family pictures!), then here’s your reminder.

P.S.  Half-price discount ends next Sunday night for York Writing Conference:

This full-day intensive features six 50-minute workshops in each track, led by pro writing instructors including Maria V. Snyder, Heather Heyford, Demi Stevens, Catherine Jordan, Laura Rudacille, Don Helin, Kim Briggs, Michelle Mioff-Haring, and Harvey Freedenburg.

The York Writers Conference will be held at the Hampton Inn on Mt. Zion Road in York (at the Galleria) and will run from 9am-4pm including snacks and lunch, on Saturday, October 28th – just one week after York Book Expo.


Early-bird pricing of $75 is a steal… but only through July 30th.


Click here to register now online with Paypal or credit card, or call/email Demi at 717-781-4972 demi@yotbpress.com.
A full description of courses available at: yotbpress.com/writers
Hope to see you there!

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