Shh… I’m Having an Affair…

I’ve been sneaking time every evening for a week, and even a couple “nooners.” It’s amazing how my normally busy schedule has opened up to find 15 minutes here and there for the new passion in my life. And no, I don’t feel guilty. My husband actually knows all about it.
But before your filthy mind jumps to conclusions, I’m talking about playing classical music. In what seems like a former lifetime, I earned several college degrees in flute performance. One of my “Big Goals” for the year was to find a way to reconnect with this old flame… and an invitation landed in my email Inbox to study for a week in Holland with not one, not two, but three awesome pro flute gods and visit Eva Kingma’s flute-making workshop where she builds bass, contra-alto flutes, and even the ginormous contra-bass and sub-contra-bass flutes (seriously, it’s over 15 feet long – I guess size really does matter!).
And you know what? I’m doing it! Again for the 2nd year!

The message to me was clear: I set an intention for this year to include music in a big way… the universe delivered… and now I’m not about to walk away just because the idea of performing for the professor of London’s Royal Academy of Music scares the crap out of me.

So if you’ve been dreaming of having an affair of your own, it’s time to sneak off with your writing muse. Find a quiet corner where you can grab a “quickie” together, and then make a date for your next clandestine activities. These stolen moments are incredibly meaningful, and you don’t even have to get dolled up for your date.

Or if you’re like me and need an invitation from the universe to make this the year you’ll step up to your “Big Goal”…

You don’t need a $200 pen, leather-bound journal, or the latest iPad to write your book, and you definitely don’t need to fly around the globe to do it. It’s time to be stronger than your excuses!

I’d love to hear how your writing rendezvous goes this week! Just click Reply!

P.S. I have room for just two more new author-clients this quarter, and if you’re ready to embrace your writing dream, then I can help you get there. Wouldn’t it be awesome to hold that professionally printed and bound copy of your book in hand this year??

It’s time for you to write with joy!

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