Reap What You Sow

If you have the desire to write (but not the energy, time, or self-esteem), you’ll find yourself in common company.  I challenge you instead to scribble fearlessly, and enjoy company less common. Today is your day to write!

This week I dreamed of planting vegetables. It would be a dire attempt to honor my namesake Demeter, goddess of agriculture and fertility. A packet of pumpkin seeds lies sealed on my kitchen counter, remnant of last year’s failed tribute.
I wonder what sacrificial offering would have to be made to stave the plants’ decline, jaundice, and inevitable demise? Doubtful the fatted calf would bring anything except flies. (Can flies benefit plant growth?) Maybe just a lamb then… on a spit over open flame… with or without roasted veggies.
Alas, the solution is as simple as the application of water. But who will water the plants when I forget? All of this is moot until I pull the three-foot weeds to make room to plant a single thing, though.
Maybe a dip in the hot tub will clear my head – if not my conscience. Water can help more than just plants, right? And if my toasty dip is accompanied by a fruity beverage then I’ll have conquered a second food group. Demeter might not be proud, but unlike her offspring Persephone, I didn’t marry Hades. I know my own devil. It’s garden laziness. And we’re not married, just shacking up.
Not every writing day will be dream-spired. But if you never attempt, you’ll never know whether today could have been The Day.
This is the day you can choose!
This is the day you WILL choose!
Choose to write.
Even with mediocre results, it’s possible to launch your rocket ship above ground. Maybe today it’s a crop-duster (and if so, could you please fertilize and water my veggies?), but tomorrow it could be a biplane, a 747, and someday a space shuttle.
You just have to keep writing each day to see where you’ll launch!

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