Writes of Passage

The peep has flown the coop. My precious Joe has graduated and left the nest, taking a gap year to figure out what mountains he wants to move. His bachelor pad (in the 3rd floor apartment above his dad’s house) is enviable, and still remarkably clean after a week of teen living.

In two days’ time he’ll be off to a 10-week summer camp counselor position, and the question of whether he can actually cook for himself will be postponed. (It’s only taken me a few days to realize I don’t want to cook for myself.)

So this week I’d like to encourage you to share a Right-of-Passage story… let’s call it a Write-of-Passage. Think back to those glory days, and choose a moment when life gave you forks in the road. Did you steer left? Or veer right?

Using last weekend’s lesson, free-write your epic tale, then ask yourself what the perfect “bookends” might be to frame the story.
For mine, the first line is: “If only life were like the S.A.T.” (Nerd confession time, I loved standardized tests, and lament the removal of the analogies questions.)

And I’m imagining the closing line as: “The only question left to answer is ‘Grades is to success, as the weatherman is to ________.’ “

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