What does writing have to do with starfish?

This past week I’ve had the privilege to celebrate daily writing with a group of 38 YOTB list members. If you were one of them, you’ve no doubt added thousands of words to your work-in-progress.
Some of our fearless authors chose to share their drafts publicly, while others published on their personal pages, or on sites like Medium.com. For still others, the creative process was a private one that all could rally behind thanks to daily word counts.
Regardless, these authors took a step beyond the comfort zone and helped not only themselves but cheered each other on to victory.
Just like that anecdotal one man walks along the shore chucking starfish back into the ocean so they can survive, these authors made their way to the deep waters and brought friends along. We haven’t made a difference to every reader or writer in the world, but we made a difference to each other… and we made a huge difference for ourselves.
So how can YOU bust out of YOUR comfort zone this next week? I’d love it if you’d click Reply and tell me how you plan to move your writing goals ahead over the next 7 days. Perhaps you’ll:
  • commit to 15 minutes of daily writing
  • share your work with one new reader
  • attend a writing workshop of conference (I’ll be at Pennwriters next weekend, so look me up in Pittsburgh if you’re there too!)
  • sign up for book coaching or editing to move your project one step closer to done
  • publish your work so the readers who need your message can finally find a way out of their dark tunnels
Wishing you a week filled with creativity!
Reply here to share your personal goals or sign up for coaching, editing, or publishing.

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  1. Will move Enill Bizer to his heroic works. The Softball Weekend will receive specific threads to sew the acts together with logic. It will get shared.

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