{Day 7} 7-day Writing Challenge

Stop the presses! It’s time for your Day 7 writing results.

I hope you’ve had a stupendous week of writing inspiration and creativity. Let us all know how you did in the comments area below, so we can celebrate your success!

As Christopher Robin might say, “You’re stronger than you think you are,” and your words have so much power. I’m thrilled you joined me this week, and can’t wait to see you continue to write and thrive!

Cheers, Demi

11 Comments on “{Day 7} 7-day Writing Challenge”

  1. Day 7 word count 311 words. Thanks for pushing me to write. It was a great opportunity to work ahead on the blog posts. I am excited to have one that is connected to Naughty Little Puppy. I have a few more ideas, then one with a connection to The Perfect Hiding Place. As I approach the July release of Sloppy Kisses, it will be the perfect opportunity to promote that book. After that, not sure where I am headed. Hmmm – Jellybean meets Millie Mouse?

  2. 502 words. This has been a wonderful opportunity to make myself a scheduled writing time. I’m planning to continue until I finish the story I started on Day 1. Thanks again, Demi!

  3. Couldn’t seem to remember to post word count but enjoyed the writing this week…even when I didn’t want to write lol. I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s writing. Now I’m hoping to take the next step with my Sammy Story and Ava’s

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