{Day 6} 7-day Writing Challenge

Almost there! Time to chime in with your Day 6 writing results!

If you’d like to have your writings from this week shared with other participants, then simply email them to me at demi@yotbpress.com and I’ll have my magical elves add them to the YOTB blog. If you’d like them to be posted anonymously, just remind me, otherwise I’ll give you all the credit and exposure. Or if you’ve posted them to your own website, then please share a link in your daily comments so we can follow along.

Write with joy! ~Cheers, Demi

11 Comments on “{Day 6} 7-day Writing Challenge”

  1. 643 words (the start of chapter 3)- 40 minutes with a few family interruptions

    Thanks for the motivation this week!

  2. Finished Chapter 5 with an additional 926 words, then completed Chapter 6 with 1597 words completed. These are rough drafts for sure, but this week has made such a difference in getting those cranked out. Accountability is a task master. “)

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