by Stephanie Ray

(Day 7 of 7-day Writing Challenge)

Always with You


I’m with you in the whispering wind

The crash of waves on the shore

The setting sun and rising moon 🌙

With every twinkle of stars in the heavens

With every grain of sand you feel under your feet

And every cry of the gull over the ocean blue

I am with you always
(Day 6 of 7-day Writing Challenge)

The doves release the doors of my heart

Sweeping away debris of the past  with the gentle beat of their wings

The light floods forth opening the way to

new miracles and magic

To abundance and love ❤️


(Day 5 of 7-day Writing Challenge)

The Crow


Son of the moon and prince of the stars

He as the Crow glides through the twilight into the inky night

His purple-black wings glistening as the moon rises

On he glides removing the darkness

And bringing in the first rays of dawn

He is Cawing to you to remember the magic of the night

where dreams come true….


Star ⭐️Sparkle


Night is upon me

I look up in the sky to see the wonder of the stars

They sparkle so beautifully

So close as if to pick them for a sparkle bouquet

Or  to reach up and pull a star blanket around me

The sparkley blanket enlivens, strengthens and warms me

Giving light to the darkness that surrounds me

Lighting a fire in my soul of courage

I know I will face the dawn renewed

(Day 4 of 7-day Writing Challenge)

I stand on the overlook of the rocky cliffs by the sea.

The waves crashing as the sun sinks into the sea casting a gorgeous orange red.

I feel my strength growing with each crash of the wave against the jagged rocks.

Mighty Mother Earth showing her strength with the pounding of the waves and softness with the beauty of the setting sun.

Soon the twinkling stars will appear like a million candles with the inky depths spread below.


(Day 3 of 7-day Writing Challenge)

Find the magic


Magic is not hard to find if we learn to look for it!

The beauty of flowers unfolding  after a long winter’s rest..

The bright green of the trees as their leaves unfurl..

The first hummingbird with its flash of green and red makes my heart sing and the bird songs are music to my soul!

Butterflies dash to and fro, frolicking in the sunbeams

Fire flies in the night and the moon rising big and bright

Yes, there is magic all around and it goes deeper..

It is up to each one to share a smile with a stranger, say a kind word, and share love above fear!

This is magic and can  change your little corner of the world and ripple out to transform the whole universe!

Find the magic…

Sometimes subtle, like a seemingly random song on the radio or old tv show that stirs your soul.

This is Magic…

Find it for yourself…

It’s there ! We just have to pause and look…

Even if it’s behind our closed eyes as we dream!

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