What’s your WHY?

My awesome biz coach and SCORE mentor, Chuck Sawicki, challenged me to understand what it is that makes YOTB different from all those other book publishers.

The assignment began with watching an influential TED Talk by Simon Sinek, in which he profoundly shares that, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”  I would argue that the same is true not only for businesses, but also for writers. We don’t need one more romance novel on the shelves (the what)… but I’ll climb thorny fences to find a book that transports me to a world in which I can live vicariously through strong, smart heroines (the why).

So while other publishers want to sell you a package to get your book into print, I have a different vision.

The YOTB Why:

I believe every person has a story that matters. I believe YOU have a story that matters. And that story is meant to be told—and shared—for others who are still struggling to conquer those same fears and obstacles, and they need to hear YOUR words to find the light at the end of their tunnel. Your words matter. Your words have POWER.

I help storytellers of all backgrounds and talents to discover ways to share your story in the shape of a book, and to give you the tools and assistance to not only create a book, but to create an amazing book—a book you’ll be proud to shout about from the rooftops—in order to reach the readers who need to hear your message.

I do this through heartfelt 1-on-1 writing coaching to coax the story out of you, professional yet compassionate editing to take that story from fine to intoxicating, and artisanal design that makes every aspect of your book sparkle.

What will YOUR book be about? It’s time to share your message with the world!

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