by Charlotte Eichelberger

(Day 7 – 7-day Writing Challenge)

The Mysterious iCloud What is The iCloud who can explain it to me?  I have to find an 8 year old! What does it do with your stuff?  Where does it go and how do you get it out?  Is it a big dark cloud in the sky that just sucks up your info and keeps it never to be seen again? I get theses messages that say, “your storage is almost full do you want to put your pictures n the iCloud library?”  Well now where the heck is that?  Do I need a library card to check  out my pictures? I mean they are mine.  Is there a librarian who is in charge?  What is is and where is it?

I’ve been told the beauty of the cloud is that you can access your pictures and documents from any device and anywhere. But what is the mechanism to do this?  It’s a mystery to me. I think I don’t like the cloud I used to like clouds. I remember sitting and looking at them to find different shapes and pictures. Are those other peoples pictures stored in the cloud?? I don’t like this iCloud. Maybe it should be called a themcloud. So again the question is what is the iCloud I learned about clouds in science class. There are many different types of clouds; cumulus clouds, stratus clouds, cirrus clouds, but nothing about the iCloud. Where is it?  It seems to be a very scary place one I’m not sure I want to visit. What if some how I get lost in the iCloud and can’t find my way out ? What then?  Can anybody help me?


(Day 6 – 7-day Writing Challenge)

She would sit gazing out her window and pretend that she was the princess in the snowy kingdom.  She would make up stories about her kingdom and the people who lived there.  One of Ava’s favorite thing to do was to  play in the snow.  She would twirl in circles and catch snowflakes on her tongue.  She would build snow caves and pretend they were ice castles. Snowmen were her palace guards.

Ava would often bring her sisters, Olivia and Madison, to play in her snow covered kingdom but they were too little to really understand how special the secret garden was. Ava loved her sisters but squally she liked to be by herself in the garden.

Ava didn’t get to visit the secret garden very often when it was cold and snowy but she knew that one day soon the snow would melt and the icy kingdom would once more become her beautiful magical secret garden full of beautiful animals and colors.


(Day 4 and 5 – 7-day Writing Challenge)

Ava’s Secret Garden

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Ava Grace who lived next door to a  secret garden. The garden was surrounded by high stone walls with moss and ivy growing on them and the sound of birds singing could be heard for miles. There were stone benches to sit on and in one corner a little round table with two chairs; perfect for a tea party. There was a bird bath and bird feeders hanging from the trees.  Ava loved to play in her secret garden because it was beautiful and magical. There was so much to see in her garden like birds and butterflies of many colors, rabbits, and some times even a deer would stop by.  Ava named the deer Clarice. Sometimes she would see a mama bird building a nest and in a few weeks baby birds would be born. Ava loved all the animals and all the animals loved Ava. Each time she visited the garden the animals would come close as if to say , “Hello Ava, we are glad to see you.”

(Continued, Day 5)
The garden belonged to a very kind lady named Miss Valerie. Miss Valerie would let Ava come to her secret garden whenever she liked, as long as she asked Mommy first. Sometimes Miss Valerie would read stories to Ava. They would sit in the garden and read about magical lands far far away. Reading was one of Ava’s favorite things to do especially in the garden.

Ava was always sad when cold weather came and the flowers turned brown, the trees lost their leaves and the animals went away for the winter. But Ava also knew that her secret garden could also be magical in the winter. When the weather got really cold she would sit at her bedroom window and watch the snow fall. The snow transformed her garden into a magical garden of icy wonder. She thought the trees covered in ice looked like an enchanted kingdom where the ice princess lived.


(Day 3 – 7-day Writing Challenge)

I AM SO TIRED!!! I do not feel like writing today but I committed to write each day so I’ve decided to write about my day and recent happenings.

My Step-mother in-law, who turned 90 in February, has been living independently by herself for the past five years since my father-in-law died. In the past two years she has had numerous falls. Some where she ended up in the hospital and then rehab.  Several weeks ago she fell again and you guessed it – the hospital and rehab again.  She decided, with some coaxing, that it was time to look into assisted living.  The plan was that she would go with us to look at facilities.   You know the old saying about Best Laid Plans??

So with my brother-in-law in charge we went to ONE assisted living place and they had a place for her; a place that had a bedroom and living room/kitchenette.  Of course she can only take very little of her furniture.

For the past few weeks we have been deciding what goes with her and what goes to sale. We have been sorting and packing and getting ready for the movers to come today.  This brings me back to my first sentence; I AM SO TIRED!!!  Today we arranged all her furniture and unpacked all her things.  Gosh, does that woman have clothes!  Goal accomplished her little apartment is ready for her to move into on Thursday.

I apologize for boring you with my ramblings but I actually do not quite as tired and I have fulfilled my writing commitment for today.  Now I’m going to bed.


(Day 2 – 7-day Writing Challenge)

Sammy the Christmas Tree Cat

Once there was a little orange cat who LOVED Christmas.  It wasn’t really Christmas he loved so much but rather the Christmas TREE.

Every year, after Thanksgiving, Sammy would start looking forward to the time when Daddy would bring up the boxes of trees and decorations.  It was a big event in his house. First, the house would be cleaned top to bottom.  This was a treat for Sammy because he like the vacuum cleaner. Then the tree in the family room would be put up and decorated.  Sammy would always help with the decorating.  When the first tree was finished, the living room and dining room trees would be brought upstairs to be decorated. Sammy really liked to ride on the boxes of ornaments when Daddy carried them up the steps.

When the trees were up and before the lights were put on it was Sammy’s job to inspect the boxes to see if anything was forgotten.  He took his job seriously and was always a big help!  He would jump in the boxes and look very carefully. Once he was satisfied that everything was where it should be it was time to decorate. What a happy and exciting time.

Sammy loved all the bright colorful lights and shiny ornaments and he enjoyed sitting and looking at the beautiful trees. He especially liked the tree in the family room probably because the sofa was just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the tree limbs. As much as Sammy loved looking at the beautiful trees, he wasn’t happy to just sit and gaze at them. Oh no, Sammy had to be IN the trees.  He would lie under the tree until he couldn’t take it any longer, then he would start to play with the ornaments on the lower tree limbs.  When this no longer satisfied him up in the tree he would go.  He would lie on the branch and peek out between the lights.  He was so cute with the colorful lights all around his face.

After while his Mommy and Daddy would get very angry and scold him for being in the tree and bending the branches all out of shape. He would have to go in timeout for a few minutes, which was the bedroom.  Sammy didn’t like that but he could never resist climbing in the tree to sit among the lights and ornaments.

So every year when you visit Sammy’s house at Christmas, if you want to find him, just look in the Christmas tree and there you will find one little orange cat who loves CHRISTMAS.

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  1. This is such an adorable story, probably even more so because I’ve seen the pictures of Sammy’s antics. I can’t wait to see the finished book when you get it published.

  2. I wasn’t at all bored by reading about your exhausting day, and I hope moving day goes smoothly today. Don’t over do it!
    When I read yesterday’s piece about Ava Grace’s secret garden, I began imagining how beautiful an illustrator could make it. I hope to see it come to life one day.

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