7-Day Writing Challenge


Tick Tock. On a spring afternoon in 2013, fellow author Julie Swope and I decided we would both sit down and write for an hour at 7:30pm.  We texted each other after an obligatory pre-writing potty break and then we did what we said we would.  We wrote.  For an hour.

I won’t say my gibberish would have won any prizes, but it did help break me out of a lethargic state (substitute “lazy” if you like).  Julie, on the other hand, finished an entire chapter of her children’s fiction book, “The Bear Who Waited.”

Of course you know about my impulsive tendencies by now.  I figure if two people can inspire each other to write, how much more could happen if we all committed to do something together?

So here’s the challenge, now in its 4th year:  I will write something every day for seven days – if you will, too.

Even ten minutes will do.  I will e-mail you a story of some sort every day, and you can e-mail me back, or just tell me you wrote, too. In previous years, our small band of writers cumulatively churned out a hundred thousand new words, and polished tens of thousands more in just seven days. But it all begins with YOU, and your love of writing!

When:  We’ll start on Sunday, May 7th so you have a few days to get ready.  You can write any time, night or day.  I’ll email stats each day along with a link to see my own craptastic prose on the blog.  You can reply with your total word count for the day, or for the most fun, email me a copy of what you’ve written and I’ll add it onto our forum so we can all be inspired.

What:  Write anything you want.  Whatever project you’re currently working on, or anything you want to jumpstart quickly.  One writer broke the 10k word barrier in just seven days! You could be next.

Who:  You!  Click “Reply” to this email, or drop a comment on the Facebook post & tell me: “COUNT ME IN!” – and I’ll add you to my Tick-Tock list.  This is the only group of people who will receive daily e-mails from me during the Writing Challenge.

Are you ready to take your writing game to a whole new level?  Because you’re about to flex some muscles you didn’t even know you had… and when you unleash that powerful creative spirit you’ve been holding hostage, I can only imagine what kind of awesomeness is going to pop out!

I’M IN!  And I can’t wait to see you there with me, so clear your calendar for the Tick Tock Challenge – Sunday, May 7th through Saturday, May13th, and we’ll be writing with JOY!

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