Family Stories


I sometimes joke that I was orphaned at age thirty-six. Two parents, two step-parents, and eight grandparents passed away before my own son finished second grade… before their prophecies of “I hope you have one just like you” could fully take hold. But their memories and family stories live on in my heart.

While living takes a lifetime, it only takes a few moments to describe a treasured memory. And if you are lucky enough to be surrounded by family this holiday weekend, I encourage you to ask your parents, grandparents, kids and grandkids about their favorite family stories.

It’s not necessary to be an aspiring writer, or even to remember every detail. It’s more important to get the conversation started.

Perhaps you pull out the family photo album, or turn on a recorder to capture the recollections. Ask everyone about their first car, first kiss, a time they had to stay in a hospital, a time they won something, their most embarrassing moment, or even what their dream day would be like.

My experience is that the simple stories are often the most profound. Shared memories bind us together, and routine life is anything but routine.

Memory is fleeting, and therefore precious… so let’s make memories this weekend.

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