The Canoeist, Attic Treasures: The Forgotten Notebook, & Wanderling’s Choice

This Week

 “The Canoeist”

by Charles Kaska
A vivid chronicle of the early life and Peace Corps service of retired forensic psychologist Dr. Charles Kaska.




Just Released


Attic Treasures: The Forgotten Notebook,

Attic Treasures: The Forgotten Notebook is a delightful over-the-shoulder glimpse at a season of life where tender hearts expand and contract with abundant beauty and the breath of love. Passionately penned during the summer of 1985, this collection of statement and rhyme offers enduring insight and thought-provoking wisdom.




Pick of the Week

Once upon a time there lived a farm girl named Rhiannon who dreamed of having adventures and didn’t want to get married—EVER! So she acquired a fine horse from a mysterious trader and ran away to find that exciting life. All would have gone very well if she hadn’t been abducted by a cruel young king and kept hostage in his castle filled with soulless slaves. She has only two options for escape… marry the tyrant, or be turned into his zombie servant.

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