Blood on the Moon, Healing Grace, & Ian’s Snowball Disaster

This Week

 “Blood on the Moon”

by Courtney Knight
Demon Alexis Montral is a solitary woman whose life is turned upside down by murder. She’s hunted by Detective Aiden Thompson – who has special powers of his own – while in pursuit of a killer who threatens to overpower them both. To solve the crime without damning her own life, Alexis must weigh the benefits of trust and friendship she’s never before experienced, against her own safety and security.



Just Released

Healing Grace
by Elizabeth Courtright

His family’s lives are at risk…
Murderers have already taken one life. For Etienne Grace the only thing that matters is protecting those he loves. If he needs to manipulate people to do so, then he will—including the pretty schoolteacher. But Constance isn’t as blameless as she wants him to believe. All along she’s been manipulating him!
Etienne is determined to see her brought to justice. Except how does he do that when she’s the only person who can stifle the demons that haunt him? How will destroy the one woman capable of mending his wounded heart?



Pick of the Week

Ian’s Snowball Disaster,
by Lisa M. Clouser


I met Lisa through Pennwriters, and wanted to share her first book with you this week because she has just been honored by West Shore School District with an award for outstanding service.

What should of been the best snow day ever quickly turns into an alarming ordeal for eight-year-old Ian. With a little help from his dog Booger, the two friends accidentally make a giant snowball of town-crunching magnitude. When the worst inevitably happens, Ian must decide whether to own up to his part in the catastrophe or to run and hide. Children of all ages will love Ian’s solution that rallies a city together in its time of need.

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