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Demi: Last week my readers met author William Michael Davidson during his book launch for The Remnant. I understand you’re the magic behind his successful blog tour… and I’ve loved working with you to make that happen. First, tell us a little bit about what a “blog tour” consists of.
MC: There’s no quick, simple answer for that other than it’s a great way for an author to promote their work. A blog tour can consist of as little or as much as an author wants. While we have set services at MC Book Tours, each one can be tailored to fit the author’s needs and wants.
For the most part a tour consists of a set number of bloggers featuring an author’s book at a set period of time. The tour can be one to four weeks and includes a dozen plus bloggers. The tour can consist of reviews, excerpts, interviews, features, and/or a giveaway. Also, covered under the tour umbrella are book blast, cover reveals, and release blitz.
For a more detailed summary of these features, readers can visit MC Book Tours ( and check out the services.
Demi: Do authors have to know all the bloggers in advance, or do you help connect them?
MC: The author doesn’t have to know any of the bloggers in the tour. I help connect them, that’s part of the fun. If an author has a list of bloggers they’d like invited to participate in the tour, I’m more than happy to contact them. But introducing a new author (or even someone they enjoy reading) to bloggers is part of the magic to me. Authors find new readers and readers discover new authors to follow and great new book to read.
Demi: What kinds of other tasks do you handle behind the scenes?
MC: I handle as little or as much of the tour activities as the author wishes. I contact the bloggers to participate in the tour, I handle the schedule and set up a tour page on MC Book Tour site, I put together the feature packages and excerpts, I coordinate the Q&As between the bloggers and the author, prepare a HTML post for the tour, and set up and maintain the giveaway. I design a tour banner and tour graphics for social media promotion. I make sure all post go out to the bloggers in plenty of time for them to schedule their post. I update the tour schedule with new links as the posts go live. I also send the links to the author (and publisher if desired) daily. If time and prior commitments allow, authors visit the sites. But I always visit each site the day they post and make sure the post is promoted on social media. I handle contacting the winner(s) of the giveaway and coordinate the information with the author and/or publisher. I’m there to do everything the author needs done allowing them to do the work they need to do on their next book or other day job.
Demi: How long in advance of the launch should an author start planning for a blog tour?
MC: The earlier an author can plan the better. A two to three-month advance is ideal because bloggers tend to schedule their calendars a month to two (even three) in advance. I realize that time frame is not always possible for authors but as soon as possible is better for everyone.
Demi: How can my author friends connect with you? (If you have any opt-ins or coupons, etc, feel free to mention those here.)
MC: Authors can reach me by email at I’m always happy to answer questions about tour services. Anyone mentioning your site when they contact me will get a 10% discount off any services. As a bonus, if they sign up for a tour by March 28th and mention your site they’ll get a 15% discount off instead of 10%.

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