Frankly My Dear


Heartfelt joy for all of you who wrote and emailed your car story from last week’s challenge! If you haven’t already written yours, or shared it with a family member or friend… what are you waiting for??
In the spirit of quid pro quo, here’s mine (disclaimer, my usual bad humor):
“Scarlett” was my post-divorce mid-life crisis car – a sporty little red number with a moon-roof. For three months, we cruised together fearlessly. Frankly, my dears, neither of us gave a damn.
That’s when Scarlett got taken from behind.

I signaled and slowed to make a sharp right turn onto a narrow side street. But the driver at our rear kept steady pace. The impact was shattering, and Scarlett’s frame bent like a cheap date.
Totaled, poor Scarlett left this world on the back of a tow truck and I returned to the used car dealer.
“Ruby” came home with me the next day. She was another sporty red thing, but with sun- instead of moon-roof.  A year older and perhaps wiser, Ruby didn’t give a damn either

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