A Little Bit of Heaven, Can’t Harley Wait, & Aurora’s Glow

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“A Little Bit of Heaven” with Rosanna
Drawing from personal experience, Rosanna shares a new way to approach and respond to the death of a loved one.






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“Can’t Harley Wait”

by Roxanne Dean
Harley is an Australian Shepherd dog who has been around Bagpipe music for many years. He can’t wait for the annual Alexandria Scottish Christmas Walk. This parade has lots of bagpipe bands and a parade of Scottish dogs. Harley has some of his canine buddies strolling in the parade and he can’t wait to join them and follow along to the traditional Scottish Music. Old Town Alexandria is an historic district with lots of history and charm!






Pick of the Week

Book Three in Bender’s new series drops her readers into the criminal activity that has permeated the heroine’s hometown during her eight-year enlistment in the Army.
The five DiAngelo brothers had been so overprotective of Aurora that shortly after high school she’d enlisted in the Army to break free.
When Aurora returns home to take over her father’s stained-glass studio, she becomes the linchpin for change in her city. Trained to defend, she reacts automatically and takes on two armed men. When the press film her Pop clutching his yapping Chihuahua, while running through the active crime scene to find his daughter, the weary community takes notice. Blake, a childhood friend of the family attempts to discourage Aurora, but they both get sucked into the seedy underbelly of crime.
Just like the stained-glass heroine and her family love, Bender casts different light on the real problems of drugs and crime in our communities. Her experience working in cities reveals the methods used to entrap youth into the drug trade, silence witnesses, and deliver goods. Aurora’s plan to counteract this activity may well provide a blueprint for hope in our own communities.


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