About a Car


This week, instead of me writing a story, I want to throw down the gauntlet for YOU to write. (Or at the very least, share a story with those who are younger than you!)
While you’re reminiscing, I’d love it if you’d jot down a short story about a car that holds some special meaning for you.
Maybe it was the first car you ever drove, or the one you purchased with your own hard-earned money. Possibly the old junker you restored in the garage with your dad or grandpa. Or maybe it’s a car in which you received your first goodnight kiss.  Or… conceived your firstborn… HEY! Don’t be bashful if it’s a great story!
Set a timer for 10 minutes and unleash your inner storyteller.  Write about that car. Keep writing forward until you get through your story, in whatever form it comes out.  NO EDITING!  No polishing!
It can be a very short story… there’s no required word-count. Your job is simply to WRITE and have fun with the memory. And then share your story with someone you love.
Next week I’ll share my car story with you, but for now… Write With JOY!  I hope I get to read your story soon!

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