Take Me Now, Maggie and the French Fry, & Maintaining Balance in a Wobbly World

This Week


“Take Me Now” by Brandy Kayne
(Reader discretion advised – 18+)
Sari Coventry sipped her coffee and cursed that Brady Thompson had caught her gawking. What happens when Sari’s daydreams jump out of the pages of her novel and into her real life? The first in a 4-part erotic series.




Just Released

by Alauna Boykin

Maggie is a hungry crow who lives near the ocean and hunts for her favorite food, French fries, at the beach. Many challenges face her in her daily quest. Is Maggie strong and smart enough get her French fry back to her nest?





Beat Those Winter Blues

by Sheran Mattson
We can feel alone in our struggle for positive change. We look around and it appears others have it all together!
What’s amazing though is that we are all more alike than different. Most of us stay in a comfort zone with how our life progresses… even if we’re not totally satisfied and would secretly like things to change.
This workbook provides simple and practical ideas to use immediately so you can be more peaceful and have more joy in the now, without waiting for an external “kick in the pants.”

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