Drew’s Aquarium Adventure, Horseshoe Crab ABC, & Disengaged

This Week


“Drew’s Aquarium Adventure” by Rose Buscarini

After a family trip to see dolphins, jellyfish and sharks at
the Baltimore Aquarium, Drew’s dreams go aquatic!





Just Released

Horseshoe crabs are amazing! Did you know what they really use their tails for? Or that their bright blue blood is used to help humans? They are not even real crabs! Every page of this ABC book features photographs of “rescued” horseshoe crabs making their way back into the ocean… and in the shapes of all of the letters of the alphabet! As you learn amazing facts and see the photos, read about what you can do to help save these gentle creatures.


Winter Warmup

by Valerie Landrum

Alexandra Powell is engaged to the perfect man. Even her mother approves of tall, hunky Keith and his newly saved Christian ways. But when a chance meeting brings Nicholas Paxton back into her life, will Alex have the strength to turn him down? Or will she become disengaged?

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