Fading Petals, One Room, One Teacher, & Caregiver in You

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Fading Petals

by Nadiyah Muhaimen

Rue’s worst nightmare becomes a reality when her mother violently strikes out at her before committing suicide. She wakes as a resident of The Institute where nothing is what it seems, even the family ties she always depended upon.




Just Released

One Room, One Teacher

by Roger Wilson and Kathryn Jordan

Covering more than 100 years of history, starting from the beginning of public education in Pennsylvania, the book examines the formation of the South Eastern School District (SESD). In total, eight school districts were consolidated to form the SESD. School districts in Hopewell, East Hopewell, Fawn and Peach Bottom townships united with those in Stewartstown, Cross Roads, Fawn Grove and Delta boroughs.
Supplemented by maps, charts and more than 100 photos, “One Room One Teacher” includes a well-researched history of public education in Pennsylvania and the local area. The 18-page index includes more than 1,400 names. More than 60 schools are highlighted: 45 one-room schools, eight two-room schools, six multi-room schools, and a private school.
Copies are available online at rogerbwilson.wix.com/localhistory, or at the following locations:

Stewartstown Historical Society
, 17 Mill St., Stewartstown PA.
Mason Dixon Public Library, 250 Bailey Drive, Stewartstown PA.
Old Line Museum, 602 Main St., Delta PA
Whiteford Business Center, 2424 Whiteford Road, Whiteford MD.
Fawn Grove Florist, 90 Mill St., Fawn Grove PA.
Hake’s Farm and Seed Service, 11744 Winterstown Road, Winterstown PA.



Seasonal Favorite

$12.95 (soft cover)
$24.95 (hard cover)
Most of us, at some time in our lives, will confront the daunting tasks of providing for the well being of a loved one. We become immersed in the turmoil of events and emotions surrounding the patient – and lose ourselves in the process. During the process of caregiving, and even beyond its eventual end, we experience guilt, anger, fatigue, frustration, doubt and remorse. Is there a way to soften the blows of these debilitating circumstances? The Caregiver in You prompts us to give ourselves permission to acknowledge shifting circumstances. The illustrations beckon us to study and create new meanings that apply to our own life experiences. We are reminded to broaden our concept of love to include ourselves as well as those for whom we give care… and to do so without fear. We walk with angels when we devote our energies and hearts to the well being of others, and this gives us validation to embrace the caregiver within.

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