Wabi Sabi – Perfectly Imperfect


My Virgo upbringing says people set out to be perfect, but often fall short because they don’t try hard enough. They don’t work long enough. They don’t want it bad enough.
But life experience tells me that’s an earthenware pot of fecal matter (aka, a crock of poo)
Perfect is overrated.
I’ve spent the last two years chasing imperfection, and it’s a far sexier mate.
Imperfection is not “bad”, but rather “obtainable”. Imperfection isn’t “compromise”, it’s “complete”.
Imperfection doesn’t mean “giving in”, but rather “letting go”.
Imperfection is perfectly imperfect.
The people who wait for perfection in order to publish… are never going to live fully.  Or be published. If this sounds like you, it’s time to be intentionally imperfect, and to cherish every word!
Your words matter. Your words have power. And your message needs to be shared with the world!

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