Gift of Time – a Sitting Meditation


I wanted to send an unusual gift. Something no one else will give you. This year, I’m giving the gift of time.
But to receive the gift, you actually have to give yourself the same thing.
Make some time, clear some space, and put on whatever music soothes you. May the words of this sitting meditation help you find clarity amid the chaos, and put you into a joyful space for all the family fun this week and next!
Find for yourself a comfortable spot where you can remain uninterrupted for a short span of time. A place where no sounds or buzzings or demands from the outside world will reach you as you devote this next few minutes to yourself.
Indeed, this place you have chosen will be free of these distractions as you allow it to be so. The world will continue around you, but for this time and place you have chosen, you are both physically immersed in your location, yet set apart from the trappings of daily life.
Lean to one side, allowing the opposite cheek of your bottom to spread comfortably in touch with the seat. Lean to the other side, relaxing equally, so when you are again centered, your pelvic bone carries the weight of your body, your spine rising above. Rest both your feet flat on the ground in front of you. If your feet do not yet touch the floor, shift forward on your seat, again finding that balanced spot above the pelvic floor, anchoring yourself to Mother Earth through your heels, then arches, then toes.
In ancient and modern times, sitting meditation is done from the lotus position, with folded legs, so that even more of our bodies is connected to mother earth, both drawing and returning energy from her. If this position is not physically comfortable for you, any upright seated position will work just fine. Just set the intention to connect with Mother Earth as much as possible
Now, grounded in earth, balanced above your pelvis, allow your spine to lengthen and rise. As your shoulders expand and rest outward, your face lifts toward the sky.
Imagine the warm embrace of the sun. You are as the mountain who greets each sunrise, still and at peace.
Place your hands in your lap, one inside the other, with your thumbs touching. Fill your body with a long, slow and refreshing breath. Inhale. Allow the air to fill and expand your chest cavity deeply, all the way to your belly. Then exhale, releasing the air along with any worries or concerns you may have brought to this moment.
Again, inhale. The breath nourishes you and feeds your body so your soul can experience a time of intense calm and relaxation. And exhale, letting the breath cleanse away any negativity and doubt.
Inhale. A warm and gentle breeze stirs the air around you, filling you with energy for your day. And exhale. All that remains is the sound of my voice, and the tranquil garden we are about to create.

As thoughts enter your mind, envision them placed upon a wide, flat leaf, then carried away on the gentle breeze. Acknowledge their presence, then allow them to leave, making space and time for you to be at peace. As people enter your mind, acknowledge them, then allow them to drift outside your garden, away and beyond this space and time you have set apart for yourself. As any worry or concern enters your mind, acknowledge it and simply allow it to float away.It is good and right that your thoughts should visit you, but understand that you do not need to hold tightly to them in order to solve or “fix” them. By acknowledging and releasing these thoughts, your subconscious – the part of you that knows you best – becomes activated for your best interests. Your subconscious becomes free to unravel any puzzles, unconstrained by the restrictive emotions and logic our conscious mind normally applies.

Instead we focus on our breath. Inhale. Breathe in the crisp air of our garden, surrounded by our favorite plants and trees. Exhale. Breathe out all tension and stress. Inhale. Allow the air to fill your body, feeling it energize your torso, legs and feet. Exhale. Releasing the muscles in your thighs and calves. Inhale. Focused only on the sweet peacefulness of this moment. Exhale. relaxing the muscles in your feet and releasing your toes against the earth.

Feel this warmth and happiness in the garden which you have created for yourself. This garden is alive and thriving, mature yet healthy. The trees have taken firm root and spread their branches to form a sheltered canopy. The beauty of this season, of this month, of this day, and of this moment fills your heart.

Any lingering doubts and worries drift to the edges of your vision and fall away, consumed by the earth. Any remaining tension descends from your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks, your jaw, your neck, your shoulders, down your spine, disbursing through your pelvis and thighs and calves and feet to the ground below where it dissipates and meshes with the energy of the planet.

In this serene garden, you are free to create without fear. Free to envision a life and a future that honor your unique gifts and talents. You can choose the plants and elements for your garden, just as you choose the elements of your life. We all get to create our own based on our preferences. No one’s garden is wrong, and no one’s lifestyle choices are wrong either. You get to create your own design in your private garden and in your “real” life, following your own desires.

Feel free to conceptualize your ideal job, your perfect partner, and healthy relationships with coworkers, friends, and family. This garden exists for you and you alone. It is made up of nourishing soil and elements you can draw upon for inspiration. As the plants in your garden exist in harmony, imagine your life – your future self – living in harmony with all that surrounds you.

Inhale energy. Breathe in joy and confidence. Exhale peace, releasing that energy in a cyclical exchange with the earth and all that surrounds you. You will be able to return to this garden at any time and it will be here for you, ready to nourish you and feed your dreams, filled with the knowledge and spirits of those who’ve come before, nurtured by time and love and your own special gifts you bring with you.

Because you do have gifts. And they are ready to be shared with the world.

You were placed here with a higher purpose. You were meant to shine and to share your radiance with those around you. You have a message that will lift others and inspire them to a greater future.

When you allow your light to shine fully, it warms those around you whose lights may have faded or been extinguished by outside forces. Your presence in their lives, and the gift of your time and talents, and your caring and thoughtfulness, will infuse them – as it infuses you now – giving you both strength once more, allowing you and them to find your true paths again.

Inhale light. Breathe in the power and warmth of knowing you can strengthen yourself. Exhale love, knowing your gifts will light the way for others to recover hope and joy which may have been lost. Inhale peace. You are discovering the life you were always meant to live. Exhale doubt. Each day brings you closer to the joy and serenity you were meant to have.

Inhale prosperity. You are alive and rich in mind and spirit. Exhale fear. You and your subconscious have access to all the tools you need to thrive.

As you emerge from your garden, remember you can visit here as often as you need. The energy and strength of this place travel with you, and are always close at hand.

Feel the earth beneath your feet, feel the connection rising up and into your legs and spreading through your whole body. Feel the energy awakening you and bringing you back into the moment of now. Feel the tranquility and inspiration of your garden following you as you return to your human body, ready and energized for the day ahead.

Let this energy flow throughout your limbs. When you are ready, bring your palms together. Raise your folded hands to your face, placing your thumbs beneath your chin and your pointer fingers at the tip of your nose.

Inhale strength, courage and wisdom, breathing in the elements necessary for you to live with wild and passionate abundance. Exhale confidence. You’ve got this. You will have access to all the tools you need to live joyfully.

Bring your folded hands to your heart. Say, “Namaste.” I bow to you, I acknowledge your soul. There is a divine spark within you. Go in peace.


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