Author Interview – Gloria Bostic

Demi: If someone had asked you what you planned to do in retirement, would “Write a Book” have been on that list?

Gloria: Not at all. Although, like most people, I always thought I had a good book in me, actually writing a novel and publishing it seemed like an impossible dream. I didn’t know the first thing about the process, and I certainly didn’t have the confidence that I could accomplish such a task. It wasn’t until I discovered a group of local authors—people just like me—who had achieved that dream, that I began to think maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t impossible.

Demi: How long was there between the time you drafted your first novel and its publication?

Gloria: It was five years between the time I completed the first draft of Out of the Storm to its publication. It spent four years stuck away in a file drawer. I never thought those pages could become an actual book. I nearly threw them out.

Then I gave it to my publisher, Demi Stevens, and asked if there was any hope for this manuscript or if I should toss it in the trash. After getting her feedback on how I might restructure it, I began the task of rewriting and hope grew. Out of the Storm was out of the drawer.

Demi:  What was the indie-publishing process like?

Gloria: Since I knew nothing about the indie-publishing process, I was scared to death. I needn’t have been. I can’t imagine going through the process without any guidance, but with my publisher at Year of the Book guiding me through each step, it was much easier than I thought. And the reward was worth any challenges along the way. I was over the moon when I held my book. Not only was it now out of the drawer – it was on people’s bookshelves.

Demi: Tell us a little about your 2nd novel.

Gloria: In my second novel, Deception Bridge, which will be released early in 2017, we meet Valerie Reed who fears she may be losing her husband of nearly thirty years. She clings to the one thing she knows she can count on—her close friendship with the women in her bridge group. They provide a safe-haven of warmth and trust… until that trust is broken.

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