Wholesaling so Everybody Wins, Bentley, & Savor the Seasons

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Wholesaling so Everybody Wins
by Gary Wilson
I met Gary through the awesome Facebook maven Kim Walsh-Phillips, back when he was first building out his core real estate investment training at MyInvestmentServices.com. Since then, we’ve worked to put together 5 guide books and 5 advanced student workbooks to teach you how to profit from investing in Rentals, Flips and/or Wholesales… even how to leverage your broker’s license.


Just Released

What should have been a serene day in the rain forest quickly turns into a desperate struggle for Izzy. Plucked from his home, he ends up on a pet store shelf, and when his difficult situation couldn’t get any worse, Izzy must decide whether to give up or listen to his friends. With a little encouragement from his sidekicks, Izzy takes drastic measures and puts on an amazing performance. Children of all ages will love this Ugly Duckling spin-off when Izzy transforms overnight.



Seasonal Favorite

“Savor the Seasons, Daily Prompts for an Authentic Life of Clarity, Confidence & Joy” is the perfect solution for anyone seeking greater authenticity in their lives. The content is inspirational yet practical, soothing yet impactful. The focused daily messages are not overwhelming. Rather, they are written to refresh the reader and encourage small steps toward larger life shifts. Readers create their own pathway at their own pace, based on a rich combination of practical suggestions, thought-provoking questions and timeless truths and reminders. “Savor the Seasons” perpetual format allows readers to repeatedly return to the messages, and to read and incorporate ideas as they choose to do so…daily, seasonally, year after year – in whatever way works for them, no matter how long it takes. The content literally will have different meanings and applications as the years pass. Integrating the core themes of awareness, inner reflection, spirituality, self-expression, self-care, and nature, “Savor the Seasons” has broad and lasting appeal. A great gift for yourself or others!

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