Vomit worthy moment of the Week


What would you try next year if you knew you couldn’t fail? (I’ll share mine if you share yours!)

Would you want to lose weight? Learn a new language? Cook healthier? Grow your business? Write a book?

I’ve been blessed to personally help more than 100 authors these last three years to not only start, but finish… and publish… their books. For me, there was never a question as to whether these folks (real everyday people just like you) could publish a book. I knew that with the right coaching and help, all they had to do was follow a path I’d lay out for them. Step by step.

But there’s something misleading about my initial question, and it’s the part about never failing. You see, on the way to every success story, there are lots of moments when the winner feels like a failure. Just ask Michael Jordan.

This past week, an email landed in my Inbox that said, “I made a bet I can help you in 2017” from a marketing guru I started following in 2013. The gist was that he bet a friend he could help 2 entrepreneurs 10x their businesses in just 12 months. More specifically, he bet he could take someone from just starting a biz to $100k, and someone else with an existing $100k biz to a cool $1M.

I told my husband Todd about it, and he asked if I was going to respond. I, of course, laughed.

That was before I crafted this brazen email:

I spent the rest of the day trying to answer the same question I posed to you above. “What would I try next year if I knew I couldn’t fail?” Of course it was the middle of the night in Australia (not that I expected a positive response, or hell, any response at all).

So imagine the total freak out which ensued when I got the 9:30pm reply from Ed: “You had me at Donkey Balls.”

Yes, my friends. I’m about to embark on a 2017 that has me carrying around an airsick bag and a volume script for Dramamine. It’s going to be crazy and scary (and probably awesome!).

Since I don’t have an online business (no, not really), I think I’m his $100k guinea pig. But I’m going to work as if I’m the $1M oinker. And I’m bringing you along for the journey. You know how transparent I am (like saran wrap), so I’ll share the ups and downs.

And I’ll challenge you to reach for whatever BIG DREAMS you have left on your back burner. It’s time. You’re too smart to be the only one standing in your way.

On the off chance that your 2017 goal is writing a book, I’d be thrilled to work with you! You see, I have complete faith in your ability to not only start a book, but to finish it. (Ask me how I know…)

But you should probably email me today to secure my 2016 rates, eh?? Ha!

Cheers (and Dramamine) from Glen Rock,

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