Losing 5 Pounds (only 12 to go)


Have you ever had one of those years when a New Year’s resolution actually gets FARTHER away? And yes, grammar-crazed friends, it’s “farther” rather than “further” in my case, because I can physically measure the distance. On my scale… the fancy digital one my hubby bought so I’d stop shouting at the inaccuracy of the old one.
Back when I was slim and single I was also miserable. Now that I’m happily married, the pounds return like stink-bugs in autumn. And it’s depressing.

There must be a point of mathematical stability wherein happiness and weight peacefully coexist:

If H*75%=W*1.25 then…

Roughly translated, this means I can avoid becoming excessively overweight as long as I am somewhat less than perfectly happy.

This year I’m going to try a new technique. I’ve had so much success using my Leonie Dawson “Shining Year” workbooks to grow my business, I’m actually going to crack open the Life workbook this time around.
In fact, I already have. I’ve been busy planning and dreaming up all the miraculous ways I’m going to coax my out-of-shape, can’t do 20 sit-ups, lazy bod into a healthier place. I love working in these notebooks, and they always inspire me to try and become a better version of myself.
DISCLAIMER: No amount of planning and dreaming will actually make your dreams come true… unless you get the DO-ing down, too.
So I’ve taken inspiration from a friend, and I’ve been walking tons. Okay, maybe they’re metric tons (that’s less, right?). But I’ve started working toward the illusive ab workout goal of sit-ups, leg lifts, and something non-piratey called a plank.
Leonie’s workbooks are for more than just weight loss, though. I’ve already set a list of more than 50 small life goals I want to reach this year – things like connecting with 5 old friends, scrapbooking for Joe, making a new quilt, and decluttering the house. The first step is defining what you want — make a list! Write down your goals so you’ll remember them. The second step is re-visiting your list often, to remind yourself what’s truly important. There’s always something you can do TODAY to get you closer to one of your aspirations.
If you’ve got some big dreams and goals, too, I encourage you to comment below and share, so we can hold each other accountable. That’s the best and fastest way to reach the place where you want to be, you know? And I want you to reach those crazy goals. You’ve got a big life, friend, and it’s time you started living that way!
Cheering us both on!

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