Vanishing Haylee, Grammy’s Eyes, & Racer, A Hamster’s Tale

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Vanishing Haylee
by Laurie Pittman
Haylee’s teenage world is set spinning after she discovers her father is having an affair. A cross-country move forces her even further out of her comfort zone, and while trying to fit in with new friends she auditions for the school play. How will Haylee cope when her theatric success endangers those same tenuous friendships?

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Just Released

Grammy’s Eyes,
by Patricia Thompson Collamer
Nina and her Grammy G. love dancing, reading stories, and black cats. When Grammy G. has a stroke, she is away a long time. Now she cannot walk on her own, or even speak. Nina’s visits teach her that although many things have changed, what means the most never will. Grammy’s Eyes is a beautifully illustrated story of the love between grandparent and grandchild that no illness or separation can change.

Fav’ Read

Racer: A Hamster’s Tale,
by J.S. King
Light-hearted satire for kids from 14-90. It’s not easy being the beloved pet of an evil scientist. Just ask Racer.
Joan passed away this past spring, but her memory lives on through the two books she released in her final year.

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