Fresh Coat of Paint


You can take this literally or spiritually or metaphysically – but there’s something profound about the power of a fresh coat of paint.

You see, it doesn’t matter what the wall looked like before. It could have been covered in graffiti, mired with decades of dirt and smudges, or even perfectly acceptable (yet blah). As soon as you pull down all the wall hangings, spackle up the gaping holes (how the heck did that get there?), and roll the first ounce of fresh color… it’s as if none of that other mess existed. Everything is brighter. Cleaner. New.

A do-over.

This past week I had a chance to experience it firsthand, courtesy of a gift from my husband, with work done by the awesome Danielle and Jenna from Jason Cooke’s team at Creation Painting.


I confess that in the weeks leading up to the deed, I was dreading it. How on earth was I going to take all that stuff down off the wall to get ready?

Where would I store the quilts so the cats wouldn’t destroy them? And how would I ever find the energy to put it all back up again?

Then the moment arrived. The whirling dervishes started laying drop cloths, removing outlet covers, and confirming colors. Never mind that I hadn’t yet removed a single wall hanging in preparation. Out came my ladder and a core of previously unknown energy and strength. With the help of two screwdrivers and cats too scared to venture out of their hiding spaces, everything was down and ready in the span of 45 minutes.

There was something quite electric in the air as Danielle rolled the first line of teal in our kitchen. Perhaps it was static from the cold weather, or a moment of Oh shit, did we really choose teal, but my heart paused and my breath caught. Nothing was going to be the same again. And that was a good thing.

(Of course I’m being melodramatic. I’m still Demi, after all.)
But I’d been in a Book-Expo-induced postpartum spiral for weeks, and it was time to bust out. In the evening after the painters finished, I buzzed around happily cleaning appliances. Huh? I dutifully waited a day (okay, 12 hours) to rehang the quilts, and gave myself plenty of time and the right tools to re-create the Wall of Fame which hangs in our entryway.



And the energy to embrace life soaked in as quickly as primer on bare drywall.

Is there something in your life that could use a fresh coat of paint this week?

I think it’s time. You deserve a new start. You have a life and talents worth sharing, and you deserve to be richly blessed. The world is out there waiting for you! In many ways, you’re already richly blessed, but sometimes we need a do-over in order to appreciate the good stuff again.

Like how nice it is to have a clean kitchen 🙂

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