Interview/Author Feature – Susan Gourley

Demi: You’ve been a busy writer over the last ten years! How did you publish your first book?


Susan: My first book was contracted by the same small press I’m still with. I did the rounds of bigger publishers but they weren’t in the market for paranormal romances. New Concepts Publishing took a chance on me and I’ve never looked back. That first book, published in 2007, still garners a few sales every quarter.


Demi:  In a video interview, you once mentioned one of the reasons you chose a pen name had to do with your teaching career. Have any of your students discovered your books since then?


Susan: ‘I’m not writing full time so I want people to find me. A few of my students did find me during the last years of my teaching career and it was all fine. 


Demi: Tell us about your latest book.


Sue: I write my romance novels in three book series. I’m currently finishing off the last book in my latest space opera romance series. Lots of people don’t know what space opera is. Star Wars, Firefly and Stargate are space opera, where the story is about the characters more than the science. The Outlaw’s Rebel Lady was released a few months ago. The series is about three friends who are leading a rebellion against a corrupt interplanetary government. Along the way, they cross paths with courageous women who have the same goals for changing the world. Each story has humor, action, romance and adventure.


Demi: You’ve built a great online following using blogging. How has the scene changed since you first started posting back in 2008?


Sue: Other types of social media are more popular today than they were when I first started. Many writers don’t blog at all and concentrate on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Though most writers still are advised to have a website, blogging isn’t pushed by publishers as much as it was eight years ago. I’ve learned a lot since I started but the world of social media is ever changing. 


Demi: Would you share one piece of advice with our authors about blog tours or networking online?


Sue: I think the thing I learned that helped my network grow was you have to reciprocate. If someone agrees to have you as a guest, do the same for them. If they re-tweet for you, do the same for them. If they share your Facebook post, do the same for them. As far as blog tours, don’t pay for one unless you personally know someone who has used that service. Some are excellent but not all will get you your money’s worth. If you build your network, you might be able to put your own tour together.


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