The Courtship of Deborah Jane, Witches’ Pawn, & In Trance

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The Courtship of Deborah Jane
by Larry B. Tibbs

After his wife of 51 years has passed away, Larry finds himself waking in a hospital with only a turnpike ticket, a police citation, and the business card of a beautiful lady he knows from church.

Back home and recovering, he finds new life – and love – over Taco Sundays at her home. The courtship begins, and he shares this tale through a series of poems that wooed Deborah’s heart, one pink envelope at a time.

Just Released

Ike Hileman
Freddie never thought of himself as a magic man — just a simple guy who could impress kids and adults with sleight of hand and rabbits out of hats. A long lost childhood memory brings him back to a town full of secrets that has waited a long time for his return. Mysterious women with magical powers far beyond his pay grade soon guide him down a path of danger, lust and love. But Freddie learns he secretly controls their destiny. Only he can fulfill their eternal dreams. Or end the game permanently.

Demi’s Fave

In March 2014, Sondra stood in her front yard and watched everything her family owned be consumed in a blazing inferno. That day her only clothes were the ones on her back. She knew they had not lost anything essential, but rather they had lost everything.
Sondra takes you along through her personal journey of discovery and healing, bearing her “most vulnerable” and “most victorious” as opened to her through the power of hypnosis.

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