3 Sexiest Words


 After breakfast and paying some bills, my husband and I sat together reading online. I was trolling marketing blogs when the title “Making Analytics Sexy” grabbed my attention, but then Todd unearthed pure gold on Facebook: “The Sexiest 3 Words a Man Can Say to a Woman.”

My hypothesis? I love you was definitely out!  My snarky vote went for
Dinner’s on me.


A few days before, a breaker on our electrical panel blew, and when I told Todd, he placed a service call and wrote the check when the repairman finished. Not only had he listened to my needs, but he took immediate action AND got results.


I was in love all over again. And I told him so.


That’s when he shared that blog author’s “3 Sexiest Words” – I got this!


The truth is we all want to feel like our needs have been heard. We love it even more when someone steps up to help us meet those needs. But let’s be honest, when we’re not paying for service, those needs frequently remain unresolved. Often for an extremely long time.


How much more frustrating is it for our family and friends when they’re waiting on us to help out on a project too long undone?


This week I encourage you to listen more attentively, ask the hard questions to get to the root of the need, and thoughtfully consider the best approach to – not just pacify – but meet those needs… Even when it involves jobs you don’t want to do. Ready to fly your Sexy Flag? Listen, respond, solve!  It’s like saying “I love you,” but so much more awesome.


Cheers, Demi

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