Transcritters, What if by Chance, & Until There Was Us

This Week

by Barbara (Basia) Gorski

When Freddie learns his cousin Eugene can’t go to summer camp with him, he thinks things are as bad as possible. But that’s before Uncle George and Eugene go missing in an exotic land called Esteron, and only Freddie and a humanoid known as the Lone Warrior can save them!

Just Released

Donna Valenti Paterniti
Faith is an executive assistant about to leave for three weeks vacation at an exclusive Bahamas resort. Her longtime boyfriend Shane has proposed, but will he be able to hold up his end of the bargain? And what will Faith do when her charming and sexy ex-boyfriend shows up at the very same resort? Tall, lithe, and beautiful, Faith’s world is about to face far more choices than just which bikini to wear!

Bargain Hunter

When a newborn loses her mother the same day she is given the gift of life, she finds herself shuffled amongst different family members for years on end. Coming of age in the Roaring Twenties and the Depression Thirties, she struggles to find connection, adventure, and true happiness while becoming involved in a dark world of speakeasies and deadly bosses. The story of a strong, resilient woman ahead of her time, Pamela Bender’s first installment of the Dennison family trilogy is a surprising, heartfelt, and absorbing saga that depicts a young woman’s tumultuous journey into adulthood to stunning effect.

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