Progress looks like… destruction?


Have you ever tackled a project that’s been looming on your To Do list, taunting you, tormenting you with its monstrous size and scope, only to discover that the only way to move forward was to tear everything apart and start over?


This happens to me every time I decide to declutter a space in the house (most especially my child’s bedroom).


The only way to truly clean is to remove every single thing from the space, piece by piece. Ratty remains of returned school papers get tossed, crinkled permission slips and (previously undelivered) band schedule get stacked to add dates to the calendar, anything that once held food gets stacked for transport to the dishwasher, and clothes on the floor get inspected to determine whether they’re (a) clean, (b) dirty, (c) too small to be worn again, or (d) too ratty to donate.


The carpet only reveals itself in spots between towering piles of broken toys, overflowing laundry hampers, and chocolate milk-encrusted glassware.


Or as my mom liked to say, “It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.”


This week I challenge you to pick just one perfectly eee-vil item from your To Do list and take a first step to move it toward the To Done list.


Do this one step, even if it means it will make things worse in the meantime. Don’t let that scare you away from moving toward progress.


One step forward, two steps back… three steps to the side and it’s a cha-cha!


Will you dance with me?


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