Health InOrder, Out of the Storm, & Grace on the Ledge

This Week

Health InOrder,

by Ann Clark, Pharm D

I met Ann through my good friend Kim Walsh-Phillips, and I’m loving the journal she created to help a family member organize all the info from medical appointments with a variety of doctors and specialists. It even explains what all those “-ologists” actually do!

Look for Health InOrder to release later this year…

Just Released

Greta Friedman travels from victim to victory in this story of a young woman’s search for the life she’s been denied. A childhood filled with loss and abuse leaves her desperate to find love and normalcy, but as a young adult Greta is frustrated by unanswered prayers and a pattern of relationships that end badly… until she meets someone special. When Gabe Engel mysteriously comes into her life, Greta begins the journey that will give her the strength to escape impending danger and finally make her dreams a reality.

I met Gloria in 2013 when she attended the Book Gala at Paul Smith Library. She’s a multi-time winner of NaNoWriMo, so if you need a writing buddy this November, follow Gloria on Facebook!

She lives in Dover, PA, with her husband, Lee, and enjoys traveling and spending time with her three sons and grandchildren. She is also very active in the American Legion Auxiliary working to support our veterans.

Demi’s Fave

Grace presided over her husband, five children, and assorted pets with the hyper-observant eye and confidence of a perfectionist. Relocating to Colorado from the northeast, she introduced modern homemaking and timeless etiquette to the less than civilized west. Decades later she suffers a stroke. As eldest daughter, the author becomes caregiver and advocate. Struggling against her mother’s compulsion to manage other people’s lives, she knows her own role must change. The author exposes relentless self-doubt on her tangled journey to accept her mother—and ultimately herself.

Patricia Thompson Collamer describes the years spent as caregiver after her mother’s stroke, never forgetting the fun and funny days growing up in the psychedelic 1960s.

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