The Great Big Snore, Training James, & Winged Victory

This Week

The Great Big Snore,

by Deborah Ribar Tibbs

Has anyone ever told you that you snore? William learns he snores while staying at a friend’s house for the night. Afraid to go back to sleep, William encounters a very sleepy giant who snores, too. Together, the unlikely pair search to find a cure and form an unbreakable friendship in the process.

I met Deborah through her husband, Larry Tibbs, whose work will be featured in upcoming issue!

Just Released

Warning: This is NOT a romance novel!
I met Mariel on vacation and we struck up a rousing conversation about her flawed hero James. It seems that on the surface, he has it all – looks, a good job and charisma. After yet another girlfriend leaves him due to his bad behavior, a mysterious dark-haired beauty takes him to her place for a night he’ll never forget.
I loved Mariel’s sense of humor and playful way with words, so we worked together to launch this series of 5 eBook novellas under the “Sinspired” imprint. It’s definitely a special-interest read (you’ve been warned), but wickedly good!

Pick Me Up Fav’

M.P. Hough-Greene
$2.99 Kindle
What Alicia Barrett—quiet artist of watercolor seascapes—discovers in a crate on the beach brings friends together, tears lovers apart, and sets off a chain of international intrigue on tiny Jellicle Island.
I was lucky enough to meet Mary Pat when her work won a short-story contest for Self-Pub Magazine in 2013. Sometimes life delivers the best of friends in the craziest of packages…

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