Not Too Late for New Year’s Resolutions (YotB)



I recently saw a blog post from one of my biz mentors that caused me to flinch… Leonie Dawson asked, “Is it too late for you to get your 2016 goals done?” And then she proceeded to list out the ca. 200 goals she had set for herself, complete with using strikethrough to cross out the ones that were DONE.

Now I confess to being a little overwhelmed at first, but as I read through her list, I found it strangely motivating. It prompted me to pull out my list (of a paltry 46 goals)  and see where I’d landed so far.

Did you know that only 16% of people create goals at all? And of those peeps, only 3% actually write them down? And… get this… only 1% of people both write down their goals and refer back to them over time!

(Now there’s a magic wand to easily sweep you into the 1-percenter club!)

What I’m learning is that by referring back to my goals, it not only helps me get them done, but I’m also learning to write better goals. Instead of saying, “I want to spend more time with my family,” I say, “I will plan a weekend trip just for Joe and me,” and “I want to go on a date night with my hubby next month.”

Even better motivation for helping you reach your goals is to share them publicly! When you tell others what you hope to accomplish, you’ve just made yourself accountable… like that time when Barb Krebs published my (uttered over drinks) New Year’s resolution: “I’m going to bicycle the Rail Trail from York to Baltimore and back” in the Sunday newspaper for all the world to see.

So here’s the deal, friend… I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

(Um, uh, that’s not exactly what I meant, ha!)

Because I love a good challenge, I’m going for the gold and posting my 2016 goals here for the (tiny corner of the) world to see – and confessing to which ones are DONE and not doneNow it’s YOUR turn to share. Just click Reply and let me know what goal you’re still reaching for in 2016. It’s not too late!

Paint the house # on the mailbox

Strip and repaint the door trim on the deck

Weed the garden (done in June, but now it’s a mess again)

Plant the front flower bed

Use the hot tub on a weeknight

Add 500 names to my biz mailing list

Reconnect with 5 or more old friends (need 1 more! could it be YOU?)

Burn scented candles

Start an email newsletter

Write more of my novel

Beach retreat week

Freeze strawberries for winter

Walk 200 miles (only made it to 150 last year, yay!)

Practice Greek every week

Power wash the deck and garage

Get my car detailed

Listen to music daily

Find a biz sponsor for York Book Expo

Lose 5 pounds (only 12 pounds to go!)

Visit a winery

Monthly manicure

Raise my rates

Rebuild my biz website (still need to add a couple more pages)

Advertise my Children’s Picture Book class on Udemy

Pay off my cell phone contract

Buy Britta carry-on luggage (the one with the butterflies!)

Track my money more diligently

Subscribe to Netflix and watch BBC shows

Crochet a lap blanket monthly

Make a quilt

Run a Facebook ad campaign

Hire an editor to help at YOTB

Get professional photographs taken of me

Go to a rock concert

Have monthly date night with hubby

Take Joe to DCI-East competition

Go on a campus visit with Joe

Say “hi” to people I meet on the rail trail

Get 7+ hours of sleep each night

Get new glasses (progressives, ewww…)

Use the fancy stemware

Buy print books and pass them on

Paint the living room

Visit Niagara Falls

Steam clean the furniture

Work-free weekends

I can’t wait to hear what goal(s) you’re striving for this year. And if one of them happens to be writing a book, I’d love to personally help you reach that one. Click Reply now and become a “1-percenter.” You got this!


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